Tutorial: Steampunk Gun

You may not know this about me, but I am an avid steampunk enthusiast. My bestie and I dress up every October for Steampunk unLimited. We work hard all year to perfect our costumes. This year, I am working on a ray gun. This was a super fun project and the finished product looks amazing. I have seen guns like this sell for a hundred dollars or more on Etsy.



Thanks to my mom, this super soaker was free. She keeps everything, and this gem was from my childhood.



I was very careful as I took it apart. I took pictures of each step so I would have a reference for when I put it back together. I wanted to keep the integrity of this gun intact so that I could run around at the festival and squirt people.


Everything was primed with grey acrylic craft paint. Since the gun started out as neon plastic, this was a necessary step to make sure the underlying color did not show through. I did not sand the gun before I primed it and even though the pant is not chipping or rubbing off, if I ever do a project like this again I will definitely sand it first.


I used metallic craft paint from Michaels  and took my time painting small areas giving the look of different metals. I also hot glued  on some really cool metal gears I found when I picked out my paint.


All in all I am super happy with the outcome. I am sure to get many compliments on my gun !!


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