Tutorial: The Best Damn Dino Hoodie Ever

It’s fall again and that means the weather is cooling down. Time to pull out the cool weather clothing. Our dear friend is turning 4 this weekend and Little man and I wanted to make him a stylish dinosaur hoodie. It turned out so well that Little Man wanted one to match his friend’s. This is a super easy project that even a beginner can do. It cost about $8 in supplies and an hour to complete.



We purchased 2 hoodies (one for little man and one for our friend) from walmart for around $7 Each. I also picked up felt squares also from walmart for $.25 each. (2 squares of each color)


 Using a diamond pattern ( diamond for dino hoodie ) I cut out the dinosaurs spikes.

20140904_0078 (copy)

I managed to get 16 diamonds from 2 pieces of felt with very little scrap left over. ( I only used 10 for the final project but that number would change depending on the size of the hoodie)


I pinned the diamonds down the back of the hoodie.

20140904_0083 (copy)

And sewed down the center of the diamonds.

20140904_0086 (copy)

Then I sewed the triangles closed. I used contrasting thread (blue) to make it stand out but you could use the same color if you like.


BLAMO, Dino Hoodie in under an hour !!



It was a success. Our little friend loved his hoodie so much his mom called to let us know he slept in it !

One thought on “Tutorial: The Best Damn Dino Hoodie Ever

  1. Jeannie

    You. Are. AMAZING! This hoody is super cool and looks mega simple! If only I had your sewing skills! So glad they enjoyed their Dino hoodies.

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