Tutorial: How To Tint Glass

While cleaning my garage last weekend I found a big box of glass jars. Jars of every shape and size. Peanut butter jars, pizza sauce jars, jelly jars.  You see, I have a bad habit of not throwing anything out. Sometimes it gets me in trouble with the hubby so before he sees this mess I need to figure out what to do with these bad boys. Last year at christmas I made tinted glass candle holders as a thank you to my doula clients. It was a huge success and super easy to do. With fall coming up I thought it would be great to make some vases for dried flowers, candles, whatever I have lying around. They turned out great and Little Man and I had a blast making them. 20140825_0025

You Will Need:

Modge Podge or similar product

Clean Empty Jars (make sure to take off the label’s and wash in hot soapy water)

Liquid Food Coloring

Something To Stir With (I used wooden skewers but a spoon would work if you wash it right away)

Newspaper 20140825_0029

I put about 1/4 cup of modge podge in each jar with a 1/2 teaspoon of water. I added a couple drops of food coloring.


Little Man helped me stir it all up.


I swirled the mixture around to evenly coat the inside of the jars. Then we let them sit upside down on newspaper for an hour to let the excess drip out.

20140825_0036Then we put them in the oven at 200 Degrees for one hour. The colors started off ugly BUT as the modge podge dried………..

20140825_0046This is what we ended up with !

Things I learned:

We actually made two batches. The first batch I got impatient and turned up the temperature on the oven to 250. The modge podge bubbled and left the glass more textured than I would have liked. I also found out that that the more water I added the more it looked like the glass was actually the desired color and less like something was done to it.


  This is the first batch with a higher temp and less water mixed in.



   This is the second batch at the 200 Degrees temperature. I also added about twice the amount of water as previously stated.

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