Redmond Clay

Disclaimer: Redmond Clay sent me a goody box full of products to try out and review.


IMG_3168.edit Ok, so it is not often that I fall totally head over heals (play on words intended) for a company. In fact I actively try not to. Redmond Clay has however left me in a state of perpetual fan-girl-dom. We tried out the toothpaste a couple of months ago (you can read the review I wrote on another blog) and the kids absolutely loved it. They would rather have the wintergreen Redmond Clay than the strawberry flavored Toms of Maine, and to me that says it all. So I was super excited when Redmond Clay sent me an amazing box full of their best products.

The Toothpaste:

This stuff is amazing. It is fluoride free and flavored with essential oils. It comes in Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and a kid friendly Lemon Zest. It is the only toothpaste my kids will use now.


Real Salt:

Redmond’s Real Salt is mined in Utah from deposits left in a dried up sea bed. It has a slightly sweet taste and because it is from an ancient sea there is no residue from modern toxins. Redmond also makes an amazing Real Salt bath soak. The bath salts melt away my aches and pains from working around the homestead.



IMG_3181.edit(Mixed up to use for a facial)

The Clay:

Redmond Clay (bentonite clay) has a long history of being used to rid the body of toxins. This stuff is amazing. It can be used as a face mask, to draw toxins from your body (when taken orally), heal and sooth burns/cuts/scrapes/bruises, and on baby’s bottom to treat diaper rash. Is there anything this stuff cannot do? Upon receiving my clay, I mixed a little with water and made a face mask. Not only did it make my skin feel incredible, but it cleared up the breakouts I currently had. It was also a great excuse to chase the kids around pretending I was the creature from the blue lagoon.

IMG_3186.edit(Creature from the Blue Lagoon)

Have you tried Redmond Clay? Did you love it?

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