New Wave Enviro

IMAG0790Disclaimer: New Wave Enviro Sent me some amazing products to review.


With the school year about to start and my doula busines booming I started searching for some more earth friendly ways to pack our lunches. New Wave Enviro totally had my back!

We got two of their Seriously Safe Stainless bottles with the flip and sip cap and both me and my children love them. It is seriously a fight on who gets to use them when we pack our lunches. Needless to say momma always wins out 😉  The flip and sip caps are truly leek-proof so I don’t have to worry about my electronics when I pack my doula bag to go to a birth.

We also got the Seriously Safe Stainless Steel food containers w/ clamp lids. These were a life saver over the summer to pack a quick snack when we headed off to the pool. Usually filled with fruit, there was no corrosion, staining, or weird tastes.



Beach Trip: Seriously Safe Stainless food container in the middle


As if the guys over at New Wave Enviro were not busy enough with their stainless steel containers, they also make high quality water filters. In our New Wave goody box we also received a Shower Filter. I think my husband was most excited about this product! He suffers from Asthma that is not always well controlled. He also sweats A LOT over the summer and needs to shower twice a day or more. Our water is very heavily chlorinated and the shower filter was a life saver. I no longer have to worry that he is breathing in harmful chemicals and it was SO easy to install.

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