What better way to start the summer than a trip to Knobles with my cousins and their families. Knobles is an old timey amusement park located in Central PA. It is the only amusement park in the area that still offers free admission into the park. The rides are paid for with tickets reminiscent of a street fair.

We decided to stay for a few days at the Knobles Campground  because of it’s proximity to the park. The staff was super friendly when I called for the reservation and they answered all my questions with ease. Which is saying something because I am a chronic over-planner and always have a LOT of questions! They gave me the option of a platform site or a ground site. I have never had a platform site and was very curious. Turns out it is a 12×24 wooden platform (or deck) to set up your tent.

Platform Site at Knobles Campground

Holy cow! Who knew that a platform could be so wonderful! It was easy to keep dirt and dust out of the tent and it made a really nice place for us to all set our chairs and relax at the end of the evening. I have a large tent, but we still had plenty of room.

Because the park is free to get in we were able to purchase a book of tickets for each of the kids and go at our own pace. On the first night, we went and rode a few rides at dusk when it was not so hot. Then next day the rest of our family arrived and we were ready to go!

Little Man Planning his day

We spent a few hours in the park and were able to come back to our campsite for a quick lunch and dip in the pool. It was nice to have a place to retreat from the heat and recharge our batteries. Once we cooled down we headed back into the park for some more rides. I cannot believe the ease in which we were able to transition from the amusement park to our campsite and back again.

Our campsite was clean, the bath house was clean , and the staff was amazing. We are so excited to make this trip to Knobles a yearly event!


Getting ready for the day !

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