Tutorial: House Number Planter

It has officially been one year since we bought our home. We must be the only house on our block without house numbers. Not on our door, not on our garage, not even on our mailbox. It is a miracle that anyone can even find us at all. Well that is all about to change. My weekend project is creating a hanging planter that I can add our house numbers to so our friends don’t miss the amazing fall party we host each year. Sounds simple enough. I actually had most of the supplies I needed hanging around the house.

Here is a list of the supplies I used:

Pine Board ( 1x6x8 )

A pack of Mending Plates ( found at Lowe’s in the Hobby drawer of the hardware section )

Large D-Ring hangers

5/8 inch screws

1 inch screws



Fine Sand Paper

Wood Stain



First I cut my board into four 2 foot pieces (24 inches) and sanded down the rough edges. I used the mending plates to attach three of them together. Miss E helped me “measure” the pieces so I made sure that her pen marks were on the back. (After completing this project I wish I would have used bigger mending plates so use your judgement on what size you thin you’ll need)


If you have a helper now is the time to utilize them. Using the 5/8 inch screws we attached the boards together.This step took us a while. I am sure if we used a drill with a screw bit it would have been much faster, but where is the fun in that.


I took the leftover 2 foot board and cut it into four 6 inch sections to make the box.

(in hindsight I think I would have cut down on the size of the three 2 foot boards and added some length to this box. I think it would have looked better as a rectangle than a square)


I used the 1 inch screws to make the flower box. I made sure to pre drill guide holes so that my wood would not split. By this point I had lost my helper so it was much easier to put together using a screw bit on my drill.


I attached my flower box to the boards using the 1 inch screws (make sure to drill guide holes first) and stained the whole thing in a nice rich oak color. I used Minwax stain and polyurethane in one and it gave me this rich color in just one coat. It also had an amazing shiny finish when dry. I did use the recommended two coats but it would have been great looking with only one coat.


I attached the D-RIng so I could hang it, planted some succulents and tacked on my address.

(side note: the planter is much heavier on the left side and you will need two D-Rings so that you can hang it straight. Because I did not want to make another hole in my bricks for another nail, I hung it from one D-Ring and attached industrial hook and loop tape on the top and down the right side. It sticks to the wood and the bricks and prevents it from sliding and looking lopsided)

So there you have it. A great project for a rainy Sunday. Do you have a unique way to display your house numbers? Post your house numbers in the comments below!

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