The Joy of Home Grown

Nothing compares to being able to walk out into your garden, pick something fresh, and eat it on the spot. It is a joy I wish more people knew of.

I think a lot of people get overwhelmed when starting to grow food and don’t know where to start. I totally get that. We grow quite a bit on our property but it has been a steady buildup over the years.

While we only have two official vegetable gardens, we have a lot of food growing in among our flower gardens. A lot of fruit bushes look wonderful as part of your landscape. My advice is to pick one thing you would really like to enjoy and grow from there (see what I did there). For me it was strawberries. I was fortunate enough to have a strawberry patch already here when I moved in so I just expanded it a little.

Sour Cherries and Black Raspberries

The following year I really wanted Nectarines so I did some research. I decided on a dwarf tree that self pollinates. My tree will only get 6-8ft tall and does not require two to cross pollinate and fruit. This really saves me a lot of space but gives me a ton of fruit.

Being smart about what to plant and where is imperative. Some things need full sun (like strawberries) and some will do fine in full shade (like Quince). I also plant a lot of edible flowers into my garden to up the curb appeal while still growing edibles.

Some of my favorite edible flowers to plant are:  Lavender, Begonias, Marigolds (which double as pest control), Violets, Sunflowers, Cornflowers, Roses, Primrose, Peony, Hibiscus, and Pansy. My kids also get a kick out of eating flowers and will forage in the yard for clover and dandelion to mix with our garden flowers for a fun and bright salad.

Makeshift salad with herbs, fruit, and flowers

Once you decide what you would like to grow, make sure to talk to someone at the nursery to see what special considerations need to be taken. Does your new plant need sun or shade, moist or dry soil, is an annual or perennial? There are a lot of great online resources for growing zones as well. And of course, feel free to ask me anything ! I may not have an answer for everything, but I can point you in the right direction!



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