Growing Nectarines

Few things fill me with as much joy as growing my own food. There is just something oh so satisfying about wandering into your garden hungry and leaving with your belly and soul filled.

Last year we added a nectarine tree to our menagerieĀ of fruits growing on the homestead. I love nectarines. They are so sweet and juicy. I prefer them over peaches because: let’s face it, I am lazy and cannot be bothered to peal a peach.

This spring I was surprised to notice white flowers all over our sapling. I was excited because where there is a flower, there will be a fruit. I could not believe that it would bloom so quickly, I was expecting at least two years until I got fruit.

Our tree is a self pollinating dwarf tree so it will only get around 6 feet tall and we only need one. I do think however, that I will get another tree ( a different variety ) next year. We have the room and I believe the genetic diversity will be good for them both.

As fruit slowly started to appear I got even more excited. I watched the fruit get bigger and bigger every day until mid summer. In mid summer the fruit stopped growing and I was worried that perhaps I had failed my little tree.


Then it started to ripen. That peachy yellow tell-tale sign of nectarines started to peek at me through the lush leaves. It is now late summer/early fall and I just got my first taste of delicious, sweet fruit.

So what did I learn my first year ?

  • The fruit is really small. I am not sure if this is because it is the first year of fruit or because I did not thin it out.
  • There is a LOT of fruit on each branch. Next year I am going to thin out the fruit when it starts to show.
  • It takes a LONG time to ripen. This may be due to the fact that I checked it every day. ” a watched pot never boils”
  • I need to keep an eye on the kids. Every time a fruit is ripe and I head out to pick it, one of the children walks by me with it in their mouth.
  • We all love it so much, I may need to plant another.



Do you grow fruit trees? What types? Have any advice on growing fruit trees? Comment below!

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