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Do you ever have a fleeting memory of your childhood? Not quite sure if it is even a real memory or a dream? I have a memory or dream of me as an infant. I am in a green tent in a highchair. I can hear the waves lapping gently in the background. As with most of my favorite memories my aunt is there along with my parents. It is only ever a fleeting feeling. When I try to focus on the details, the memory fades.

A couple of weeks ago my mother invited the kiddos and I on a weekend trip to Elk Neck state park. It was a really fun weekend of camping, fishing, and swimming. On the way home we decided to take a detour. The entire way my mom kept asking me if I remember coming here as a child. I did not.

As we turned onto a sketchy looking road the memories started to flood back. I DID remember! As we pulled into the community it was clear that not much had changed. In the 60’s the lots were filled with brand new campers. They campers are now faded with time, and many have additions added to them. But there they all still stand.


I found out a friend’s sister owns a lot there and we decided to take a last minute Labor Day trip to the river. We spent the day talking to people who have spent every summer here for 60 years. We splashed and played all afternoon. The same fleeting memory I have of this place will forever live on in my children’s memories as well.

IMAG0787 (1)

Now I just need to talk hubby into buying a lot here!

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