Tutorial: Cloth Doll Diapers

Miss E’s birthday is just around the corner. After weeks of asking her what she would like and having her respond with “I don’t know” I have decided to take matters into my own hands. She has been playing with her doll Emma almost non-stop lately. She nurses her to sleep every night and has been more tender and loving with her than I have seen in a while. I found an amazing mom who creates doll ring slings for her Etsy shop and even though I could do it myself, her prices were low enough it was worth having someone else do it. I also looked for cloth diapers for her doll since she has been using Little Man’s diapers and it is costing me a small fortune. I sadly did not find such good deals so I decided to break out the sewing machine. I searched the internet for diaper patterns and found this great one from One Little Project. I used some scrap flannel material I had laying around and I cannot believe how great they came out. So without further ado here is how I made the magic happen.   20140825_0001

Using the pattern from One Little Project, I cut out the diaper.    PDF here


For each diaper I used a solid color and  a patterned piece of flannel.


I pinned them together with right sides facing and sewed them together. I left a 1 inch space so I could turn the diaper right side out.


I turned in the seam and sewed the top closed.


I sewed some hook and loop tape unto the short side of the outside of the diaper.


And 2 tabs on the wide side of the inside of the diaper.


And that’s it !!

The whole project took me about an hour and a half and now Miss E has a cloth diaper stash of her very own.

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One thought on “Tutorial: Cloth Doll Diapers

  1. Jeannie

    Those look great! I have been thinking of getting my hands on some clothe baby doll diapers for my girl’s Baby Alives. This tutorial looks so simple that I think I might even be able to tackle this myself!

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